official post 1

Hello All,

My name is Sam. I’m very excited about this course and the adventures our class will all share a few short days away from now. This course has intrigued me since I first learned about it as a freshman from one of my close friends Tom. His freshman year he took this course and had the experience of a lifetime. This trip inspired him to live abroad one day, which to me was a powerful message about how much cultural experience you can take in during a short period of time. I’ve always been fascinated with history and particularly find the medieval  lifestyle to be a unique piece of  cultural history. A combination of urging from a close friend and my peaked interest in the ruins and beauty of medieval and present day England has lead to finally embarking on this journey. This being my first time out of the country I hope to gain a lot of insight on how similar or different other first world nations live. I hope by the end of this trip to have acquired a large plethora of new vocabulary and a witty accent to boot. I’m excited to experience a large part of English, Scottish, and Welsh history with particularly exciting events such has Stonehenge, a tour of Loch Ness , and if real dreams do come true, a trip to see a match in the British Premier League. In the end I believe this will be the best experience of my life to date, whether rain or shine, theres no doubt their will be adventures to be had in castles and cathedrals.


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