Official post 1- Ashley S

Hi all, I’m Ashley S. I’m a second year history major here at Wartburg. I came to Wartburg for the opportunities it provided, and this is one of them. Without this course, I probably would not be living out a dream of mine to go to England, let alone so many amazing places. My ultimate goal would be to someday work in a castle as a historian, so this course, Castles and Cathedrals, is perfect for me. This course came to my attention in my freshman year, and i knew i had to take it. Narrowing down what I am most excited about is really hard to do, but my top picks would be Loch Ness, Stonehenge, and Scotland. I love ruins, so I’m intrigued by a number of the castles we will be going to. I’m hoping that this course gives me a feel of what it would be like to live in Europe, which is another goal of mine. I’m looking forward to getting some ‘hands on’ kind of learning about history, medieval life, castles, archeology and so much more. On our free day, I’m hoping to make it to London’s High Gate cemetery and possibly see the grave of Lizzie Siddal, a woman I have been researching over the past year. I’m also majorly looking forward to letting my geek side show when we visit the Doctor Who experience in Cardiff, Wales.

Unlike most in the group, this is my first time traveling like this, both to another country and on a plane. So this trip will be full of new experiences for me.


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