Hey, I’m Tyler (Official Post 1)

Hey there, I’m Tyler (like the title suggests). I am a freshman History/American History Teaching/World History Teaching triple major from Minnesota.

On SOAR Day, when incoming freshmen signed up for classes, I noticed the opportunity to study aboard during my first May Term, and, not only that, study abroad in a place that I’m fascinated with. I seized that opportunity and ended up being enrolled in Castles and Cathedrals. It has been an awesome journey learning about a segment of history that I knew little about previously, and yet there awaits an even greater journey across the Atlantic with my classmates.

It would be simple to say that I just want to experience the experiences of life, and that’s what I want out of this class. I have enjoyed the material that we have studied in class and found it very enriching; I hope to continue reading similar materials in class and experiencing the “materials” first-hand though exploring historical sites in England, Scotland, and Wales during the May Term portion of this class. In the end, I should hope to have accumulated a decent amount of content knowledge of Medieval England and its society and culture, and to have enjoyed myself thoroughly through exploration of history with my classmates.

This is Tyler Amick signing out. (Boy, I always wanted to say that!)


One thought on “Hey, I’m Tyler (Official Post 1)

  1. Very interesting Tyler! I look forward to consistent updates throughout your journey across the pond. Please share your American enthusiasm with the “chaps” in Europe. This is Tim, signing off.


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