Salutations! Offical Post #1

Hello blog readers!
My name is Alison and I am studying History and Religion here at Wartburg College. I hail from Des Moines, Iowa and am excited to start our trip to the UK later this month.
There are many reasons why I am taking this course. For starters, this class satisfies one of my history electives for my degree. Exploring and learning about cathedrals and monasteries draws from both my majors. I have also been interested in this class since transferring to Wartburg because simply based off the name, this course sounds like a blast. Lastly, I enjoy traveling, new experiences, and meeting new people and with this trip being my first abroad, and with some classmates I have never taken classes with before, I’m sure this upcoming May will be full of all of these components.
Throughout this trip I hope to learn how to efficiently pack a backpack, navigate a new city or town, and to try new foods from the different regions of the UK. I also anticipate using more public transportation in this one month than I have used in my life thus far. (There is also the hope to pick up a new English-Midwestern blend accent, but the chances of that are slim.) Academically I would like to expand my knowledge of architecture and the history of the UK through the study of their castles and cathedrals, and to further understand a culture other than my own.
All for now,


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