Grant (OP1)

Hi, I am Grant and I am a first year here at Wartburg College, I am majoring in Biology and looking into minoring in history. I first found out about this class when I registered for classes in May of my senior year during my SOAR day. The May term travel option was one of the main reasons I chose Wartburg as my college of choice. History has always been one of my favorite topics in school and I knew I wanted to take advantage of the May term travel classes as soon and possible and the person overlooking our registration pointed this one out to me and after reading what it was about I chose this class. I also chose this class because this will be my first trip out of the country and I figured it might be a good idea to start in a country that speaks the same language but also is slightly different than us culturally. Speaking of culture I have always enjoyed different types of English culture and it started with the Harry Potter series when I was younger and then I began to watch the now on hiatus show Top Gear (Which is also my favorite tv show), but I have also come to like many other BBC shows like Sherlock, and Dr. Who.  In England, Scotland, and Wales I also hope to see some ancient roman sites and architecture because that is my favorite time period to learn about.



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