Caleb (OP1)

Hi, my name is Caleb and I am currently a second year biology major from Wartburg College.Travel is something that I have always wanted to do but do not that much experience outside of the US. One of the many reasons I came to Wartburg was because of its opportunity to study abroad, however I thought I would have only been doing this through the touring ensembles.An opportunity presented itself early this year where I needed to take a May Term class and my friend Joe and I were thinking about taking the class to visit Israel but because of unsafe situations the class was cancelled. Shortly after though, Joe and I found a new class that could give us the same opportunity to study abroad but it has the nice perk of being in English instead! Another reason I am excited for the trip to to experience all of the Cathedrals that we will be visiting, given that I many be impartial from being in choir but I really enjoy see the massive churches with acoustics that are out of this world. Even though I won’t be singing with a group at the places we visit, I may still have to sing a couple notes to see how the places ring. I hope that this class will light a fire for travel in my future showing me that it is truly important to witness other cultures than our own. Finally I hope to create long lasting memories with the people I go with and ones that I can cherish for year to come.



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