Heather’s Official post #1

Hey, everyone my name is Heather. I am a second year social work major here at Wartburg College. I cannot wait to arrive in England and see all the beautiful architecture and being able to be fully immersed into their culture for a full month! I am still very skeptical about getting on the plane to fly over the sea, but I know it will all be worth it to go on this incredible expedition. This will be my first trip abroad and I am anticipating having a culture shock as a result of never being outside of the United States. It has been my dream to go to England ever since I was little. This is because my great grandmother, Gladys, was born and raised there and would always tells me stories of her homeland. I can’t wait to hear the British accent once again from a native. I have wanted to take this class ever since I found out that Wartburg offered it at the very being of my freshmen year. I am taking this class so I may have to opportunity to experience a whole new culture, and how could you not want to learn about the monumental Cathedrals and Castles where some of the rulers lived? I can’t wait to try new things such as their food and tea. One of the things I cannot wait for is to experience having high tea, which for them was a meal between lunch and supper. I hope to gain a better understanding of the history of the UK and how the cathedrals were such an important part of their way of life. I have already enjoyed and learned so much in the classroom but to actually experience it first-hand will be very enlightening.


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