Joseph (OP1)

Hello, my name is Joseph, I am currently a second year majoring in biology at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa. I have always loved to travel and to experience cultures other than my own.  So when my sister, who attended Wartburg a few years ago and studied abroad in London told me that I was required to study abroad while at Wartburg, I did not argue. I decided on this as my study abroad because it is still in Europe and will be a culture shock, but they still speak English. I also took an IS class here at Wartburg over “Dr. Who” so I am very interested in getting to actually see England, and hopefully visit a few of the places where Dr. Who was filmed and etc. I hope after taking this trip I will have the travel experience (especially travel in Europe) that I will be able to visit many of the other countries where English is not the first language.  I also hope to be able to immerse myself into as much of the English, Welch, and Scottish cultures as possible, and be able to take that and make myself a better person through the experiences ahead. Finally I just hope to have a fun May Term making memories and traveling abroad with friends.



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