Pip Pip Cheerio! – Official Post 1 – Molly

In just a few short weeks our class set will off on an amazing adventure! Hi everyone, my name is Molly and I am a second-year student studying communication arts with emphases in public relations/organizational and multimedia with a minor in leadership.

There are a multitude of reasons why I decided to take the Castles and Cathedrals course, but to sum it all up I would have to say that the experience and adventure were the main determining factors. I will admit that I am not a huge history buff, but I have learned a lot so far in our preparatory course and am sure that I will be filled with knowledge by the time I come back from the trip. (I am even making myself watch all the Harry Potter movies before I go since that seems to be a requirement). I am, however, a huge fan of art and design, which will surely be present in the many castles, cathedrals and other sites we will visit while abroad.

One of the other top reasons I am eager to head to England, Scotland and Wales is to form lasting friendships. We have a great group of students heading over and I’m sure I will get to know them all quite well. My roommate, Heather, is in the course as well and we have had fun practicing our accents in our spare time over the term. My sister, Emily, took this very course during the first year it was available! There were only six female students in her course, and Scotland and Wales were not included in the trip! I know she loved her experience and made lasting friendships that I hope to gain as well. I have included a picture of their group here (Emily is the shorty on the right) as a comparison for the many pictures of our group yet to come.

Stay tuned,


1st Year Course Students





One thought on “Pip Pip Cheerio! – Official Post 1 – Molly

  1. Wales was included on that trip, but not Scotland. In fact, the photo you posted (I always loved that one) was taken at Manobier Castle in Pembrokeshire, Wales. The castle was the birthplace of the medieval historian Gerald of Wales.


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