Favorite part of Class (OP2)

Hi everyone,

For our second post we are supposed to discuss our one favorite topic or thing we learned in class. This was actually a easy thing for me to do and although I liked many things I had one that especially stuck out to me. However it does not fit exactly into the one thing as a favorite but it is only one item.

My favorite thing we learned in class was actually multiple things, I can not just narrow it down to one thing but I can generalize it by saying that it was reading about the culture. I found the Time Travelers Guidebook to be the most interesting thing that we learned in/out of class. However, I also enjoyed learning about the architecture of the castles and cathedrals, and the more ancient history of the area and how it came to be. This book allowed you to take a step back in time and try to imagine how they lived and how everything worked.

I consider the guide the most interesting thing because it is not very often that you are actually taught about the culture that the people live in. Most classes just cover what happened in that time period and who the most important people were. While it is a good thing to learn the more important parts and who the most important people were it is very intriguing and it helps to understand how they may have lived and why they made the decisions that they did. The book covered everything you can think of from the time period and it talked about the progression of all of its topics over the whole entire period.

One of the more interesting things that I learned in the book is the medical technology and the medicinal practices that they did in this time period. I love learning about medicine and how it has evolved over time and that is one of the main reasons that I enjoy learning history. Learning about medical history is also intriguing to me because I am a biology student and it amazes me what people did back then to try and cure themselves and others.

Another thing I learned which is more funny than anything is the name of the place where they would go to dump any type of waste that they had. The name of this place that I will not fully type out is the “sh*tbrooke” and you can figure out what the missing letter is. While I found this name funny the idea of it is not completely funny once you realize what it actually is. The brooke is a ditch basically just on the outskirts of town that everyone would go to so that they could dispose of their human/animal excrement and many times you would also find dead animals in the ditch and this as you can imagine would not have the most pleasant smell coming from it.

That is just a small selection of things from the book that I enjoyed and I encourage all of you to check the book out if you enjoy reading about history.

Until next time,

Grant (OP)


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