can we leave now? OP 4- Ashley S

For this final pre-trip post, I’ll be talking about the prep work involved and what I am looking forward to.

As mentioned before, we’ve been taking a class to prepare. We’ve looked at medieval history, archeology (a favorite topic of mine), architecture of castles and cathedrals, and information about traveling to England in general. One of our assignments was to pack our bag as if we were leaving and bring it into class. That night gave me plenty more to think about, and since then I’ve gotten a better bag and a pair of hiking shoes. I’ve been buying a few things along the way that I’m hoping will be useful. My biggest purchase was a new camera, which will be used nearly non-stop once we get there. I’m looking forward to the photography opportunities, and just being surrounded by beautiful landscapes and amazing buildings and ruins.

I can’t pick just one place that I am looking forward to. Scotland is pretty high on that list. Urquhart, so I can see it in person after researching it. Cardiff, Wales, because I am a huge Doctor Who fan and there is a Doctor Who experience, the filming studio, and the Ianto memorial there. I saw some pictures of Conwy Castle earlier and now I’m really excited to see that, since it was amazingly beautiful.

This week has been crazy, being finals week. Now we get to pack up and take our stuff home before having to pack again for the trip. I have a few minor things to take care of before we leave, but I’m so ready to go.

*photos are from the british Medieval history group

Conwy Castle
Conwy Castle
Conwy Castle and surrounding area
Conwy Castle and surrounding area

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