Nick – Official Post 3

While our class is traveling around Great Britain, we have to give a tour on a selected castle or cathedral. The castle that I picked was Conwy Castle. I picked this castle because I had a friend in the previous class named Tom that recommended that I pick that castle because it is big and exciting to talk about and to give a tour. What I have learned about Conwy Castle so far is that it is located in Conwy, which is in Wales. Conwy castle is made out of three different types of rock for the most part, and those are Silurian grit, rhyolite, and sandstone for the more decorative precise parts of the castle such as the door jams or arrow loops. All of this was the by the makings of James of St George, who happened to be the greatest military architect at the time. James of St George was hired by King Edward I who was the owner of Conway castle and funded its construction in March of 1283. Construction of this castle took about 9 years, and was at the peak of its construction in 1285 when around 1500 workers were all working on the castle together. The castle contains 8 towers that are all interlocked and can be walked across from inside, or out above on the walk walk. On top of 4 of the towers in the back are even taller towers, one of which is the kings tower that is 4 stories high with the first two stories used as royal chambers. Below the kings tower was the East Room where council meetings were held, which also has a large window overlooking the courtyard making this room one of the best view from the castle even though it’s lower on the ground. The Chapel Tower, which was another of the four taller towers, and it houses ornately decorated chancel remains that some call the most beautiful single feature in the castle. Another of the towers was for prisons that were captured, and this tower is called the Stackhouse Tower. The fourth tower could be served for different functions, but it’s not as important as the other 3 taller towers. Finally, the castle is complete with a type of lawn or garden on its east side which is known as the East Barbican. On the opposite side of the tower is the West Barbican which is where the main opening of the castle is located. There is another main entrance by the fourth less important tower, and that’s simply known as the Middle Gate. There are many other features in this castle, and I can’t wait to give a tour of it when we are there in Wales.


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