Ready to Go!! (OP4)

Hello, fellow travelers!

Today, I will be talking about what I am most looking forward to in the course. I, personally, am looking forward to traveling back to the United Kingdom as I have not spent a lot of time there. The people and the history that is preserved or still needs to be discovered is fascinating. Coming from a country that is only about 250 years old and going to a country that has been there before Roman times is mind boggling. There is so much to learn and to see, and I cannot wait to start my adventure.

I am also looking forward to meeting new people, hearing new things such as traditional music, eating new foods, and soaking up a culture that is both distantly and closely related to my own. The scenery is another part that I am most excited for. Up in the highlands of Scotland, out on an island with the ocean everywhere, down in the plains and valleys, and seeing all of the green grass! The British Isles are one of my favorite places as far as scenery is concerned because you can get it all, well maybe not a desert. You have the mountains, lakes, the ocean, the beach, valleys, open plains, and rolling hills. Its natural beauty is one of the things that I most love about the British Isles and hope to capture a piece of history as I walk across some of the same areas as many before me.

I am excited to start this adventure with the class. It’s a great way for me to meet new people and to have a lifetime experience with them that I would never have otherwise. So, as this is my last post before we leave, I must say that let the adventure begin!

Ashley H.


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