Rhuddlan Castle (OP3)

Hello everybody,

This post will be a little more specific than my last post was. That is do in part to the fact that we had to pick one place to do our upcoming tour about. Each person in class was assigned either a castle, cathedral, monastery, or abbey. The place that you chose was the place that you get to study about and give a tour of when we reach it in our trip. However we are to give presentations on them in our final class to ensure that we have at least looked them up and done a little studying before we get over there. The presentations and this blog post are just short backgrounds/teasers to our selected place to give everyone a idea of what to expect when we get there and to let everyone else know what kind of stuff we will be learning about and seeing while we are over there.

I chose the Rhuddlan Castle in Rhuddlan, Denbighshire, Wales. The Rhuddlan castle was constructed in 1277 from the order of Edward I. It was first designed by Master Bertram who supervised its construction until passing the reigns on to Master James who oversaw the construction until it was complete in 1282.

Rhuddlan castle is a concentric castle, this means that it has a inner wall that is higher than the outside wall and can be defended by the inner wall. Rhuddlan castle is also in a diamond shape and is constructed of the rock Limestone. The water way that approaches the castle was the first part of the castle to be built and is the first physical evidence of the castle. The first pay stub for the castle is for all of the diggers that they needed to make the passageway or waterway that connects the castle to the river and to the ocean.

Rhuddlan castle was the first castle in Rhuddlan but it was not the first stronghold. Rhuddlan as a city has a very bloody history and was fought over for centuries before the castle was even constructed. The town was often fought over by warring Welsh lords and was invaded by the Normans a few times. The other strongholds can still be found in town and a relatively close to the castle. The Rhuddlan castle was attacked multiple times and was apart of the English civil and was was taken over. The castle was later partially demolished to prevent anyone from attempting to use it as a strong hold ever again.


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