A Walk in the Fields with Castles on the Way

I can’t believe that in ONE WEEK we will be flying out of the US and into England! A couple of the things I’m most excited about are the castles, because I love looking at different castles; and I’m also excited to just take nice walks through the fields and green plains. I was talking with Alison who is also going, and we were talking about taking walks around the area during our free time in the evenings. I can’t wait! Not only do I love walks, but I have fallen in love with the scenery in Great Britain just by pictures! If I’ve loved the green view just from images online, I can imagine how I will react to the real deal!

I’m excited for the castles because whenever I go to such an old monument, I always think about how I’m spending time in a building that others spent moments in as well, centuries ago. In a way, I’m sharing a moment with those who were there before me. Whether they were servants or rich nobles, I still feel a connection with those in the past who were also at the same place, and thus a connection with history itself.

I’m getting ready for this trip by figuring out which clothes to bring especially. I have old clothes that I know I don’t want to wear anymore, so I’m going to do what Dr. L suggested and just toss them out once we leave. That way, I can bring back more souvenirs. I’m also researching more of my castle, Beaumaris, in order to get a better feel of the place. I’m also watching a number of different British movies in order to get a feeling of the different accents! The English ones I’m not worried about, the Welsh accents, I fear, will be the most difficult for me. But we will see. I still can’t wait!!

-Emily C (Official Post #4)


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