“Are We There Yet?”- Official Post 4- Greg Sloan

So before going on this trip, we took the Medieval England class, and learned about architecture, lifestyles during that time, the role of the church in society, and so much more. We have completed the background course of what we are going to see, and now we actually get to go see what we learned about. During the first night of class, I started a countdown on my phone for this trip. We started at 100 days, and now we are leaving for the United Kingdom in just 7 days! It’s unbelievable how fast this experience has gone!

I think one of the things I am looking forward to most is the day we are going to visit Stonehenge. This is something I wanted to see the first time I visited Europe, but didn’t have time to go and see. Stonehenge has always been something that is very interesting to me, and I am just amazed by the fact that something that has stood so long and has symbolized so much for so many, that there is actually not a determined reason for why the structure was built in the first place. I find it very intriguing and very mysterious, and I can’t wait for this adventure on this trip.

Another thing I am looking forward to on this trip is the group of people we are going with. Before this class, I only knew a couple of people, and now, I know all of them. On my previous study abroad experience, we stayed with host families and therefore we weren’t always around the other students on the trip. But this trip provides a unique experience, where we all stay in the same hostel and get to enjoy the trip together, and share all the fun experiences we have on this trip. I have a lot of packing and preparation to do, as most of the other students probably do as well. I am so looking forward to all the places we will go, and the things we will do. With anywhere from 8-12 hours on a plane for this journey, I’m sure we will ask ourselves “Are We There Yet?”.


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