Mmm… Food! Official Post #4 – Nick

I think the biggest thing that I’m looking forward to is going to have the opportunity to try all the different foods that Great Britain has to offer. During this trip, we have a potential to earn points towards our grade by trying different foods, and I plan on getting most of my points acquired through this method. I say this because I love different foods, and I love to eat. Who doesn’t? Going to a different country opens up so many different cuisines that aren’t available in your own country, so where would the fun be of solely eating food that I could find in America. Besides food commonly found in the area, I’m looking to the way they approach different cuisines such as Italian or Chinese. The way that I am preparing for this trip is by searching for different foods online that are most common in Great Britain that doesn’t exist in America. I want to be able to find different foods that aren’t on the cultural points list that Dr. L. provided for us because I want to experience as many different foods as possible. I think cuisine is very important to each culture, and I can’t wait to be able to see what other people enjoy. I’m just hoping that I will be able to have the opportunity to find all these different foods for the chance to try them all, even if some of them don’t taste as good as the others. I’m hoping to do my next post while I’m in Great Britain and can share some of the exciting foods that I have been able to try.


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