Only 7 More Days!!!! (OP #4)

There are only 7 more days until I will be somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean on my way to the UK! It is hard to believe that it has come so fast. Greg, my roommate who is also going on the trip to the UK for May Term started a count down on his phone in early January when we returned to Wartburg to start our Winter Term. At that time the count down was just over 100 days.  Since then he has given the class an update every few weeks by telling us how many days are left. It quickly dropped under 100 and then down to 65, 30, and is now down into the single digits.  We only have 7 days! One week!

I have to be quite honest that this snuck up on me very quickly! I still have a lot to do and get organized before next Friday at 12:30 pm. I think I finally have everything purchased that I will need. Today, I started to organize some of the clothing I will be taking with in hope that I don’t forget anything important. Over the next week I hope to get all of my banks called to inform them of my trip, get my clothes back, check and recheck my bag, and hopefully get in a few deep breathes in before we take off on Friday. I cannot believe the next time I will create a post that I will be in the UK!

Until Then,

Joseph Fangman

Greg's CountDown


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