T-Minus 7 days

Hey everyone,

We are officially a week away from our flights and eight days away from actually landing in the United Kingdom. I am super excited to finally travel oversees and get to see a country that I have always wanted to see. I am also a little nervous because this will be my first international flight.

Even though this class is about castles and cathedrals, I am secretly more excited to see some of the ancient Roman sites that we will be visiting along with the castles and cathedrals. Roman history is my favorite type of history to learn about and I have always wanted to see some of their ruins. Although we do not get to see Hadrian’s wall which is probably one of the biggest sites to visit in the United Kingdom, Dr. L did say she would point it out when we pass it on the train.

I am also looking forward to doing my tour of the Rhuddlan castle and telling everyone all about it. My tour will probably be a bit shorter than everyone else’s tour because my castle is actually relatively small and does not have much of a history about it. The castle is also on one of our busier days and is one of the lesser castles on the day.

A week seems like such a long time as I type this but I then remember that I signed up for this class in May of last year and that Greg has had a countdown going since we got back from winter break and it started in the 100’s.

Grant (OP4)


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