The anticipation is killing me!- Heather’s official post 4

I was ready to leave for England the first day of class, at least that was what I thought. Little did I know how much precise planning and details needed to be dealt with before even stepping a foot on the plane. Being that this is my first trip abroad and my second time on an airplane I sill get confused as to what is allowed in my carry on bag since it’s my only luggage. A few of the other details is getting your bank notified about your planned travel and making sure your taking only the items that are needed. I am such an over packer, I have packed and unpacked my bag three times trying to limit myself to just the essentials.

Today was when reality of leaving became real in seven days we will be finally leaving. This thought is so exhilarating and so overwhelming at the same time. With just getting done with finals, packing everything up to move out of the dorms, and unpacking when getting home, then having to turn right around and pack to go to go to the United Kingdom, lets just say I am a little over packing and unpacking. I know this experience will be totally worth the all the hassles. I can’t wait to hear them speak, to see the brilliant views and actually be surrounded in history. I am not a history buff but I love to experience as many things as possible and going on this trip will open the doors to endless experiences. I am also Kind of happy that there is limited phone usage do to the extra charges, because it will be nice to detach for a little while and I can wait to have some fun times with this new group of people. I hope to complete the cultural immersion checklist that was presented to us by our teacher as well as many items on my personal bucket list such as seeing Big Ben.


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