Why is the Tick-Tock of the Clock so slow? – Molly’s OP #4

Can these next 7 days be over yet?

While I’m enjoying my break, I cannot help but wish for this next week to be over. I am currently working on unpacking from college, packing for Europe and packing to move to Des Moines for my internship that starts the week we get back. I have also been debating whether or not to bring my fancy camera on our trip since I’m a photography enthusiast. I made the decision last week to bring my nice camera because I think I will regret it if I don’t. Since then I have been on a hunt for a cute and functional camera bag/satchel to use over there. Thank goodness I finally made my decision and ordered it this afternoon! Cross your fingers that it arrives in time and is what I envision it to be.

Next week I am getting together with Heather, who is also going on the trip, to make a plan for our free day when we go to London. We want to have it all figured out before we go so we can make the most of our last day. I am also pleased to announce that I just finished watching the Harry Potter movies this week, so I am now prepared to go and get the full experience!

Other than traveling to London, I am extremely excited to walk around the towns on our free nights. I think it will be really cool to see the different cultures in each of the little towns we stay in. I also cannot wait to talk to the locals and hear their stories. I am sure we will come away with some hilarious and fascinating stories from our tours, train rides, and nights at the local pubs. After listening to preview presentations of everyone’s tour assignments, I am especially excited to explore the castles and cathedrals and compare and contrast their architecture and histories.

I can’t wait to update you all again from overseas! It will surely be a blast and I can’t wait to keep everyone posted on what we are up to!

XOXO – Molly


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