Flying Solo and Finding the Hostel

So Grant and I took different flights from the class, because we were in big airway hubs on the day of our departure from the United States. I flew out of Minneapolis and it truly caught me off guard when I received a message from Alison and Dr. L informing me that their flight in Iowa would be delayed. I have never flown internationally by myself before. I have flown to a couple states alone, but this was a new experience for me! Luckily, there were not any complications once I got on the plane to Amsterdam. I met up with Grant in Manchester, and we ventured together to look for the train station, and eventually the hostel.

I did not know that the train ride from Manchester to York was quite so long. The scenery, however, made up for the tight spaces with my luggage or sitting in front of a kicking girl. When we got off the train in York, I asked the Information woman where the hostel is; she notes it would be an hour walk but the bus would come soon. We decided to walk since it was only 9 AM. I was sad I couldn’t find more Wifi spots to check and see if Dr. L had any updates on how the rest of the class was doing.

At first I was a bit hesitant about the direction we were heading, but luckily Grant led more of the directions once we found our (then-) current position on the city map of York. We probably walked a mile or two? It felt like quite a while, especially with my heavy backpack; I’m pretty sure I will be either very muscular on my whole back, or more on my left shoulder…that will be interesting. Anyway, we reached the hostel! And once we got things figured out with the receptionist, I got to charge my phone and get water!! After we unloaded our big bags in the storage area, we walked back into town and quickly perused through the Gardens next to the Yorkshire museum, and the St. Mary’s Abbey runes were stunning! We kept walking around the main section of the city, and found an ATM. Once we got money in the right currency, we headed to a really nice pub where I had amazing fish and chips!! Everyone on this journey so far have been extremely kind! My friend said York is her favorite English city and I completely understand why. I cannot wait to see more extraordinary wonders tomorrow.image

-Emily C (Official Post)


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