A Smell-Included Viking Tour, Dressing Up, and Some Complications

Our first full day in York was quite incredible, at least in my point of view! The breakfast at the hostel was great: yogurt, eggs, bacon (which is like ham), sautéed mushrooms, hash browns, and sausage. After breakfast, we headed out into town with the sun shining and making it nice and warm.

A few people in the group know that I actually took the History capstone class (which is like writing your senior thesis), and it was about the Vikings. So the tour was quite familiar but interesting. One of the most interesting aspects of the Jorvik museum was the presentation of which we rode these black rides in the air as we spun in a circle looking at different displays with figures that portray daily Viking society. It reminded me of these exhibits in Minnesota they show every year for Christmas. What was really interesting was the fact they included smells in the ride tour!! You could smell the wood the figure was crafting items out of, or the stew someone was making. It was amazing. I personally also bought a number of souvenirs to bring home,  and yes including a thermus and shot glasses.

After the tour we had a little bit of free time.  What was funny is that Dr. L told me there was a French bakery. I saw they had Pain au raisins, which are croissants with a nice sweet gel and raisins. I had them all the time when I was in Paris years ago. So I had one during our little free time. I walked around the town with Alison and Tyler and Ashley H and we did a bit of shopping. I bought a beautiful necklace for my mom too. Once we returned with the group, we journeyed to the walk-walk, and did a small tour on Henry VII and the War of Roses. I find this war very interesting because I heard that’s what the show Game of Thrones is based off of ! So it was nice to learn more about one of the key figures involved. We also got to dress up! I dressed up as a knight in chain mail and Alison dressed as a princess…with a sword.

After the Henry VII tour, we had a longer free time. I personally walked around town more with Alison. We also tried to go to the St. George’s service, but there were no more open spots after all the little scouts bawled into the cathedral. I felt bad for the people who had to continuously say to people they were unable to let people in. So wee tried to in a way make one of their days by asking for a picture of us and Molly and Heather with the sign that said there were no more open spaces inside.

Afterwards, Alison and I chilled in the gardens outside the cathedral. It was a lovely day out, so it was a nice relaxing moment. Once we decided to walk more, we went on the walk walk to Monks Bar and needed to find Clifford’s Tower. We were a distance away, and weren’t exactly sure where to head in order to reach our destination. We somewhat wandered for a bit, but we luckily found our way following the city walls actually! And once we found the tower…we were blocked by the crowd of scouts occupying the one street that we had to cross to reach everyone else in our group! But luckily we made it. It was a great day! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

(Pictures will also follow soon! I have to download them from a different device :/ )

-Emily C (official post 2)


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