Casting Lines Across the Smokey Sea!!! (OP)

Friends and Family,

I cannot describe how amazing the first day was in England. After the long trip here we finally got to enjoy being in England. I am glad that Emily and I are sharing the blog for today, because I don’t think I could fit everything we did into one blog. I only have the second part of the blog and I still will have to cut WAY too much out. My blog picks up during free time following our tour of Jorvik.

As one would guess people scattered all across the city. People went straight to shopping, some went for smaller tours, but we went looking for food and supplies. Greg, Caleb, Grant, and I went looking for the basics, like shampoo, toothpaste, and of course Ramen noodles (still have a college budget even in England). We took the long weaving route to the where we believed there was a grocery store and ended up lost. So, we had to break down and ask directions. The guy pointed us 2 miles out of downtown York to find the nearest grocery store (there had to be something closer!!!). After touring rural York for an hour we arrived at the grocery store and purchased toothpaste, shampoo, and English Ramen. Yes, two hours round trip for 3 things, but well worth the 2 hours of making memories. Much more to this story, but like I said sadly I cannot put all my experiences into text. Some memories are better kept to yourself.

We then went to see Clifford’s Tower. This was an amazing introduction to castles and there architecture, and just happened to be my favorite stop today. The walk there was interesting. After finding our way back to the hostel to drop off our three purchases we took off for Clifford’s Tower, and hit a parade. Every turn we took to get around it they took the same one and cut us off again. So we gave up and followed the parade and they led us directly to Clifford’s Tower. Not sure what the odds are of that, but very low. Almost as low as no one scoring a goal in the Chelsea vs. Arsenal game (which happened today for all of you who don’t follow soccer). The tower was absolutely crazy. I don’t know how we would construct such a remarkable structure with modern technology let alone in the 13th century. Grant and I spent nearly the entire time there deciding how we imagined how the missing parts of the castle would have gone, and turns out we were wrong, but it was still amazing to think about what we would have done in that time. For being one simple tower in the middle of York I could have spent the entire day at that one location.

Following that we went to High Tea, which was interesting. Nothing like America has to offer. We got unlimited fresh tea, four bit sized cold meat sandwiches, a scone, and three bit size desserts. Different and nothing I will probably do again, but most definitely would recommend anyone who has the chance to try it, to try it! The best part was sitting with 5 other people on the trip and just being able to talk about the day, and plans for the rest of the trip and the culture shock of England.

Being Americans, who love there movies, we next headed to The Avengers!  Which, does not come out in the states until the end of the week by the way. I will be nice and not throw out any spoilers, but it was pretty amazing. The small group I was with had a very interesting walk home. We met some very nice people at a Grocery store and of all things talked about free range chickens, which made me feel right at home. The people here are amazingly nice and all very willing to make conversation. The stories of meeting people today go on and on, and will for the rest of the trip I am sure. I have had way too much fun for one day. So much fun I did not make it back to the hostel to post this before midnight England time, so hopefully these are due by midnight Central Standard Time, because I don’t know if any of us will ever have these posted before midnight here. There is just way to much culture to take in over here across the sea.

The tight connection we have made as a group already is amazing, and may the inside jokes and metaphors continue.



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