Breathtaking Sights!

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Hello all!

Wow, what a day! Today was packed full of visits to different locations around Yorkshire. We all loaded up a minibus and were driven to each site. As you may already know, people drive on the left here instead of on the right like in the United States. And let me tell you, it was a little scary at first! It seemed like cars were going to run into us! The lanes are also so much more narrow than at home. There is definitely a lot to get used to traffic wise here.

The first site we visited was Mount Grace Priory. When we first arrived at this site, we were all amazed by what was the most beautiful garden that I have seen thus far. We were also welcomed by a nineteenth century grand manor house. It looked like something out of a fairy tale! Within the manor house was the gift shop, a must see of course, and a museum that further explained what life was like in the priory.
The ruins of the priory are in the back of the manor house. Being the first priory that we have visited so far on the trip, I was amazed. It is hard to comprehend how these medieval structures have survived this long, especially in these conditions. The fact that builders in medieval times could create such detailed structures amazes me. Furthermore, this priory was equipped with the capability of running water, which was definitely a luxury of the time. One interesting fact we learned about this location was that the monks who inhabited this specific priory did not speak to each other. Each monk had their own spacious, two story cell where they lived and worked. Each cell also included its own garden.

The second stop of the day landed us at Ripon Cathedral. This cathedral is still in use today, and is constantly being renovated and repaired. Ripon Cathedral was especially detailed, from the stained glass windows to the grand organ near the center of the cathedral. I had never seen such a place with so much detail before. There were also many statues within the cathedral itself. Before entering the cathedral, we walked around the outside of it to the cemetery beside it. There were both flat tombstones and above ground to stones that were very detailed as well. When walking around inside of the cathedral, what I initially thought were Bible verses inscribed on the floor tiles turned out to be grave markers of people who had passed away and been buried underneath the floor. That was definitely a sight that I was not used to, but it was all very interesting.

Well, I better sign off now and get ready for another exciting day of touring! Cheers!

Emily S.

P.S. I will upload pictures when the wifi is nice and will allow me to!


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