Op 1 exploring the streets of york, with a little help from a stormtooper

Exploring the streets off York, with a little help from a stormtrooper.
After arriving late Sunday night, later than planned thanks to a horde of complications, we finally got to see York yesterday. It started out simple enough, walking into town and entering the shopping district. We all got money from an atm  and headed towards the Viking Center. The streets weren’t too croeded, and traffic was easy enough to handle.
It was after this when we separated for our free time that we encountered a few unique things.
First of all, there were dogs everywhere. York seems to be much more pet friendly than home. I even saw water bowls outside  of  some shops.
I was with Emily S, and we ended up in an area called “the shambles ” (after a detour to the Disney store). The Shambles is a lot like a medieval  market. Narrow streets are lined with tiny and unique shops, cafes, pubs, and more. We even found a shrine dedicated to St. Margaret  Clitherow. It also happened to be flea market day, which added to the feel of a crowded, medieval  market.


at one point, when we were looking for a restroom, I noticed a patch of green with stones sticking up. In the middle of york, in front of a former church that is now an art gallery, was a small graveyard with no more than a half dozen graves. Cemeteries are a favorite of mine, and I was not expecting to see one at that moment


It was all too easy to get turned around a few times, and it was during one of these moments that someone dressed as a Stormtrooper  gave us a hint in directions. A Stormtrooper who escaped Vaders  command perhaps. For extra irony, when we went to Clifford Tower later, we ended up watching a parade that had a scout troop leading with the Imperial March.


I look forward to getting to see a bit more of York in the next couple days, and seeing how the other places well be visiting compare, although they already have competition thanks to the Star Wars characters walking the streets and medieval markets.

Ashley S


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