Living Off The Grid In A First World Country (Official Post)

These past few days have been interesting, to say the least. At Helmsley, we knew that we were entering an internet-free zone; at Inverness, it was a surprise finding the same. Living sans internet provides an atmosphere devoid of electronic dependence, but at the same time it causes some stress. As a product of a first-world country with unlimited access to texting and internet, going cold turkey is harder than it sounds. I want to keep up with people, stay a part of ongoing conversations, and maintain connections with loved ones back home (as best as I can despite the time difference, that is), so being without that connection, especially in another first-world country, is like having an appendage cut off. As it relates to the course, though, the lack of communication is somewhat reminiscent of what we’re studying…

Not only were we cut off from internet at Helmsley and Inverness, but our hostels were also away from city centers (the York hostel was also quite a distance, but the walk was at least interesting). On top of that, at Helmsley we also ventured off to ‘nearby’ Rievaulx, which was 2.5 miles away through the countryside, and on the way back we took a scenic route that was 4 miles in length; one of the group members used a Fitbit-like device and estimated that we travelled roughly ten miles that day and climbed/went down the equivalent of 40+ flights of stairs. This whole “physical exercise” thing (the quotation marks are for comic relief) adds to the similarity between our travels and those of Medieval Englishman, Scots, and Welshmen.

As to the future, I can’t predict what our internet availability looks like or what other great treks (if any) are in store for us, but I can say that it will be a relief to get this posted because I am writing this post in Inverness and will be saving it for my next encounter with WiFi.

Cheers, dear chaps!

This is Tyler signing out. (Dated 5/3/2015)

Post-Script: I was able to find free internet in a pub in Oban. The Oban hostel does not provide free internet


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