Scotchy, scotch, scotch – official post #2 nick

Today we arrived in Oban from Inverness. We traveled here by bus and after around 4 hours, we arrived seaside in the small yet beautiful town of Oban. Right off the bus, we dropped off our luggage, had some time for lunch, and went right to the Oban Distillery tour. The Oban Distillery is the oldest distillery in Scotland, but it is one of the smallest. Due to the town of Oban building around the distillery, the distillery building itself was limited to the size it could eventually grow to. At the start of the tour we received a brief introduction to how Oban whiskey is made, and the history of the distillery itself. After the history portion of the tour, we continued deeper into the distillery to view how the scotch whiskey was made and the process that it went through to make it. Following that section of the tour, we received a tasting of whiskey that is still being aged that is 11 years old and contains around 54% alcohol. That was the end of the tour, and we were lead to the tasting room where we got to try the actual 14 year Oban scotch whiskey. It was quite delicious! Apart from the tour, the class has had a lot of free time to explore and go eat some of the most delicious, fresh sea food that Scotland has to offer. Caleb and I split a seafood platter for only 14 pounds that contained many different options of sea food. This is definitely not something that you can find back in Iowa. Overall, it’s been a pretty successful day full of fun and beautiful weather. Hopefully the days continue like this and there is more excitement to come!


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