Searching for Nessie (op #2)

Yesterday was a day full of adventure, cold and wet, but adventure none the less. We spent much of the day on the passion tour of Loch Ness which included a few extra sights as well. We started on a bus tour taking us down the highlands from Inverness around Loch Ness. We went to a stone burial ground that has been dated as being from the Iron Age. From there we traveled over to the exhibition center of Loch Ness, essentially the information center and gift shop area. Here we did a sort of guides video tour that took us through the history and lore of Loch Ness and Nessie. The first sighting took place in 1934 and was described as a sea serpent dinosaur. Over the last sixty plus years there have been well over a 1000 plus documented sightings of Nessie, even though over that same time period scientists have been able to debunk the majority of theories of what really lies beneath the waters of Loch Ness. Adding to the lure is the vast amount of water in Loch Ness. It is currently the largest freshwater lake in Northern Europe. It reaches a depth of over close to 300m and it’s murky water doesn’t allow you to see more than three meters below the surface. All these contributing factors lead to the life of the myth to continue. After learning the history and origins of Loch Ness and hearing some of the first hand accounts we then moved on to urqachrt castle. Ashley S gave us a tour and explained the stories history of the castle overlooking Loch Ness, which was accompanied by a short video reviewing the tragic history if the castle. Multiple raids over many years led to the leaders deciding to blow up their own gatehouse and leave the castle. From the castle we hoped on a boat in search for Nessie. We braved the wind, cold, and rain in order to look from the upper deck for a short while, but most of out spirts were broken quickly and we returned to the cabin to search from the comfort of warmth. Unfortunately along  the way we didn’t catch a glimpse of Nessie but fun and good times were still had by all!

Until next time,



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