Where’s the Wifi?? (OP)

The cultural differences we have come across here in the UK both between The States and here and even between Scotland and England has been amazing to see!! The thing that has been talked about most by our group has been the Wifi. In The States we have free Wifi and cellphone reception nearly everywhere we go. Over here it is not so much the case! There is only few places with Wifi and we usually have to pay or fill out a bunch of questions and give them our email and cell phone number. At least in England we had free Wifi at the hostel, it was slow but it worked, but the hostels in Scotland cost 3 pounds for an hour of Internet. So $5 an hour. 

The second thing that is absolutely crazy to me is the amount of public transportation they have here! In Iowa public transportation is nearly nonexistent. Over here it is impossible to walk a block without seeing a city bus. On top of buses there is a train station in nearly every city. And not little train stations either but train stations with like 10 platforms. The train we took from York to Inverness a couple days ago was very interesting to see. They obviously had bathrooms in each car since it was a six hour ride, but they also had two bars that served food, hot drinks, and cold drinks. They also had a food service similar to a plane where they brought a food cart past a few times throughout the ride. 

The roads here are absolutely crazy. On the few bus rides we have had going from town to town we have had some interesting trips. A few of the roads it feel like have been more narrow than bike paths in the U.S. The few roads that have been wider than bike paths have been so hilly and weaving that it feels more like a roller coaster than bus ride ((Thank God for Dramamine))!!! They drive like they are the only people on the road too. It reminds me of city driving. I just feel so unsafe the whole time but no one on the bus besides us Americans ever seem very worried. 

The one thing that has made me feel very at home is how nice everyone is. Every pub we have gone into loves to have us in there and despite teasing us for being American treat us amazing. All of the locals are full of advice on what we should try to eat and drink at the pub and places we should visit. If it wasn’t for everyone being so nice and making us feel right at home I think we would all feel more home sick than we do now.

Until next time we have Wifi,



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