Ever evolving plans

Hey Everyone,
Our day started off a little rough in Inverness. We had to adjust some stuff around and make some new plans on the go. In the end though it all turned out to work just fine and led to a pretty eventful day.
Before we arrived in Inverness we were told that we would have to switch some things around on Saturday because our original plans fell through. We were originally supposed to go to Fortrose Cathedral, Rosemarkie, and the Groam House Museum but we could not get into contact with them to make sure there was room for 15 people during that day.
Instead we decided to go to Culloden Battlefield and learn some Scottish history. During our trip to Culloden we got to see more of the beautiful Highlands here in Scotland and I would highly recommend everyone to come see them. At Culloden we learned about the Jacobite army and the family behind the army. Culloden for those of you who do not know or do not feel like looking it up is the sight of the Jacobite uprising and where the army had its last major stand against the British military.
While we were inside walking through the exhibit, we met a man dressed in traditional Scottish clothing for the time period and he told us about the dress of the people back then. We were able to get a few pictures with him and he even offered to dress one of us up in a kilt and other items from the time period. I was the person that took the offer up and he came back a short while later with a hat and a large blanket like thing that was used to make the kilt. He told us of the different styles of kilts and then showed us how to prepare the kilt before you put it on. He did this all on the ground and then had me lay down in a certain spot and folded it around me. One important thing is that a single belt holds up the kilt and keeps it from falling. However you will never see this belt because the folds in the kilt cover it. The folds do have uses though because they provide warmth and they can be used as pockets.
After the kilt experience we continued on to a meal at the dining center in the place and headed back to Inverness.
When we returned to Inverness some of us in the group went on a hunt for a bar (pub) that we heard was having a concert later that night and decided to check it out. We found the bar (pub) and decided to buy the tickets early to make sure that we got into the event and they were also cheaper.
After getting the tickets we walked back towards the hostel and stopped at the grocery store to get some dinner and found some surprisingly good deals. At the store everyone was able to get a full meal for about 2 pounds. We then walked the rest of the way back to the hostel and cooked dinner while we waited for the event to start.
Before we left we were able to convince one more person to join our group and go to the concert that night.
The concert was actually pretty good and it was full of locals who just loved the fact that a group of Americans had just wondered into one of there pubs. Every time we spoke they always got this big smile on their face and had to point out to us that we were Americans which I found pretty entertaining, especially when we would be talking to each other and someone would just come up to us and say that, “You guys are Americans”. The night continued on that way until the concert was over then we headed back to the Hostel and called it a night.
Until next time,
Grant (OP)


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