Greg’s Official Post #1- The Young Learners, the Wild Adventures, and the Free Time in Between.

It was on the day of April 28th, a few days after arriving here in the United Kingdom. In the first few days we thought we had experienced it all. Our flight was delayed, we had students on multiple planes and multiple continents, and everything was just going with the flow. Once the group was finally all together on the night of April 26th, we were ready to begin the adventure as a group. We didn’t know what to think or what to expect, but we were ready for anything.

After visiting a priory, a cathedral, an abbey, and a castle on April 27th, we had gotten a little taste of everything of what we were going to learn about in regards to Medieval England. It was a great way to start the trip, with four different places that had different methods and standards of living, and each of them was unique in how they practiced their religion and performed their work. It was a long first day, but it was enjoyable and we learned a lot just in one short day.

The day of April 28th had come, and it was another full day of learning and adventures. We visited the York Minster, satisfying our curiosity of what the structure looked like on the inside after walking past it multiple times a day during the previous three days. The group also went to the Treasurer’s House and the Merchant Adventurer’s Hall, and we got to compare and contrast how different lifestyles could be with places that were just down the street from each other. These two places were separated by hundreds of years, and it was cool to see the differences of the social classes in different time periods. After our learning was completed, we had our free time before the next day. We went to Nando’s, a popular restaurant for chicken, and met a girl that actually was from the U.S. but moved to the U.K. after studying abroad here. It was cool to hear a story like that from a person that knows the U.S. like we do, and to see how this experience could affect our future.

Then the wild adventures began. We went to a couple of different pubs, and then we finished the night at Johnny Depp’s favorite pub, the Evil Eye. We had a great time while interacting with other college students from York, all while being immersed in the culture. This was the night we all gained our own nicknames for the trip, whether it was Button, Zipper, or Cougar, it was a night where we all became much closer as friends. We realized just how much fun this trip was going to be, and how many stories there were going to be when we returned home.

Today is now May 6th, and we have learned even more all while going on crazy adventures during our free time. In just the first week, we’ve learned a lot and made a lot of memories, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the trip will bring. Cheers!


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