Tale of two cathedrals – official post #3 nick

Today was the first day of waking up in Edinburgh. After breakfast at the hostel, we hiked to the train station to catch a ride to Glasgow. Once in Glasgow, Ashley H was able to give us a tour of Glasgow Cathedral. Glasgow Cathedral was gothic style that contained an upper and lower section of the church. This one was one of the smaller cathedrals that we’ve been to as a class, but by no means less beautiful or elegant. Glasgow Cathedral is one of the oldest buildings in Glasgow and contains a vast cemetery on the premises with gravestones from hundreds of years ago. Immediately following Glasgow cathedral we visited a Scottish museum that had an emphasis of religion in the area throughout the centuries. These two events took up our time in Glasgow. Shortly after the museum, we caught a train back into Edinburgh and went straight to St. Giles Cathedral. This cathedral was in the heart of old town Edinburgh, and seemed to really fit in with some of the older structures surrounding it. St. Giles Cathedral was another smaller cathedral than some of the other cathedrals that we’ve visited as a class, but again, this cathedral had some impressive stain glass windows, wood carvings, and stone work. Although in two different cities, these two cathedrals seemed quite similar in structure. St. Giles was actually on used as a cathedral for one about a total of 20 years or less, but is still considered a cathedral. The last activity we did today was out visit to Gladstone Tenement which was the property of Thomas Gladstone who was a business man that owned the merchants shop on his property. We were able to walk around his shop, as well as the flats above the store where Thomas might have stayed if he couldn’t get a room at a nicer flat. This concluded our class time together for the day, and we received free time for the rest of the night where a few of us went to Nando’s, which is a delicious chicken resteraunt, and others went shopping or back to the hostel. This is the end of the post for today, so until next time from Castles and Cathedrals, goodnight!


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