How to successfully pass time on a train (and my first impressions of Chester)! Molly’s OP – May 10th

First off, happy mother’s day to everyone following our blog, and I hope all you mothers had a great day full of love and appreciation! If you didn’t get a nice message from your student, then they better bring you some delicious Cadbury chocolate to make up for it.

Today was a huge travel day for the crew as we ventured from Edinburgh to Chester via two trains. We have really been getting into card games and have gotten pretty competitive. In order to pass the time on trains, we typically A) sleep, B) play cards, or C) both A and B. Sam, Nick, Heather, and I have had a running game of 3 to 13 going for a while, and we had to be very creative with today’s seating arrangement in order to finish our very important game. We have all expanded our knowledge of card games and are equipped with options for any situation at this point. Of course, a nap had to follow the game of cards as I previously stated.  

We arrived in Chester late this afternoon and it was a short walk to the hostel where we are staying for the next few days. Once we figured out our room assignments (which almost took up all the beds in the hostel), Dr. L gave us a list of items to find on our scavenger hunt. We spent a few hours exploring Chester and the unique sites it has to offer. We walked along the city walls, which lead us past most of the sites on our list. Along the way, we saw plenty of pub signs and a street performer to document as “culture points,” which we have become pretty obsessed and competitive over.

 I was especially excited when we arrived at Chester Cathedral, which is the site that I am giving a tour of on Wednesday. We only briefly passed by sites like the cathedral, Roman ruins, the canal, Chester Castle, and several others, but the scavenger hunt was a great way to get our legs moving by orienting ourselves with the great city of Chester.

If you have made it this far into my post, then you have probably realized that today was a pretty calm day for us. Our calm travel day is going to be followed by a jam-packed day tomorrow, as we have six sites on the schedule. It will be a super busy day of crazy bus rides and knowledgeable tours given by several of the class members, so wish us luck with absorbing as much knowledge as we can. We will also be crossing our fingers that tomorrow will be as warm as it was today and does not bring any rain (we’ve definitely had our fill of this wet weather and are pretty jealous of the warm temperatures we have been hearing about back home).

Happy mother’s day!



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