The Walking Dead: Castles and Cathedrals Version (Official Post by Tyler)

So today we had the castle marathon day (four castles, uff da!)….

First up in the morning was Beaumaris Castle on the island of Anglesey. Built by Edward I as part of his conquest of Wales in the in 13th century, Beaumaris was intended to serve as a bastion of English power but it was never completed. Before it could be completed, the funds dried up and Beaumaris fell into neglect and was basically forgotten. It saw some action in a Welsh rebellion in the 15th century and again during the English Civil War, but it somehow avoided significant damage. One of Beaumaris’ claim to fame is its renowned designer, James of St George, the military architect of the time. Master James, as he is known, built Beaumaris in a swamp, with a water-fillet moat, and two concentric rings of defenses

After Beaumaris, and re-crossing the Menai Strait back into Wales, we went to Caernarfon, and the castle that went by the same name. Absolutely massive, Caernarvon Castle is shaped roughly like a figure 8 with the outer ward being closer to town and “readily” accessible by a drawbridge (which would’ve been replaced by a gatehouse featuring two drawbridges, five reinforced doors, and six porticullis’, but the King’s Gate was never finished. Caernarfon Castle was built by Edward I (the same king who built Beaumaris) on the site of a previous Welsh motte and bailey and it was intended as a bastion of English power in Wales. Unlike other Edwardian castles, Caernarfon has polygonal towers instead of round ones, and the most famous one is the Eagle Tower (which is also the highest) which at one point was decorated by statues of eagles. Also included in Caernarfon was the museum dedicated to the Royal Welch Fusiliers, the oldest regiment of Welsh troops in the employ of Britain.

For the rest of this day’s activities I would like to refer you to Ashley H;s blog for today (I’m not sure when it will appear or what it’ll be called)

This is Tyler signing out.


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