It Just Keeps Getting Better!

Official Post 2

(This blog post was intended for Tuesday, May 12, but due to the lack of good wifi and technology not wanting to cooperate these last few days, it is posted out of chronological order with the other blogs. So please bear with me!)

Hello once again!

I can’t believe how fast time has gone by since we left Cedar Rapids just a couple weeks ago. You know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun!

Our first stop on today’s adventure in North Wales was Bodnant Gardens located in Conwy. Do you remember me mentioning in my last post how beautiful the garden was at Mount Grace Priory located in Yorkshire was? Yeah, Bodnant Gardens was at least ten times prettier than that garden was. Luckily the weather was in our favor, so today turned out to be the perfect day to wander through the gardens. Bodnant gardens covers more than ninety (that’s right, 9-0) acres of land! And more land is slowly being developed to be included into the gardens. Besides the notable and unusual plants included in Bodnant Gardens, the Old Mill and Pin Mill are also situated within the gardens, as well as several terraces and ‘The Poem’ (or mausoleum). Bodnant Hall was a grand manor house that overlooked the gardens, which sadly wasn’t open to tour. The gardens were absolutely beautiful, and one of my favorite places we have visited on this trip so far!

After the gardens we ventured into the city of Conwy where we visited the Aberconwy House, a medieval merchant house, and Plas Mawr, and Elizabethian townhouse. Both of these locations were residential buildings at one point in their long histories. The Aberconwy House is the oldest structure in Conwy, besides Conwy Castle, dating to the 14th century. At one point it was used during the Temperance Movement during Prohibition as a sort of ‘safe house’ for travelers to stay in to escape the temptations presented around them. It was a small house compared to the size of Plas Mawr, which was a much more grand and decorated home from the 16th century. It was interesting to see actual homes that ordinary people inhabited and to see how they lived their everyday lives. It was definitely a change from the castle that we having been touring where the inhabitants were royalty.

In the next upcoming days we will be visiting several other locations in Wales, South Wales specifically. I can’t wait to see what the next few days have in store for us!

So long for now!

Emily S.


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