It’s a beautiful day (or not) (op#3)

Today we were given the chance to explore some history at Cardiff castle and either tour the millenium stadium here in Cardiff or visit the doctor who experience. As a major fan of football (soccer) my obvious choice was to visit one of the largest indoor/outdoor stadiums in the world. As the national stadium of Wales it is home to many events. Outside of the welsh national football and rugby team playing here they also host a bunch of different events including monster jam, motor cross , and even concerts such as madonna and U2. Unfortunately for us it wasn’t such a beautiful day as it down poured on all of us all day. Fortunately for us the majority of the stadium is covered by roof, and even with the retractable roof open we were able to catch a break from the rain on the tour. Rugby has been a huge part of welsh history as they have succeeded at it far more than they have football. Welsh rugby started with quite an unusual story. In 1881 local club teams decided that for long enough Wales hadn’t had a national team. Unfortunately the first match was scheduled for international play against England was played the same day as a high level club match which many of the best welsh players were apart of. This meant that at the last minute invites had to be sent to players, and on the day of the match as the welsh players got dressed the captain counted his men and noticed he only had 13, which is two short of a full squad. In order to complete the match the captain had to go out to the pitch and ask fans if 1. They could play rugby and 2. If they could prove their welsh heritage. Two men stepped forward and the welsh went on to lose the match 82-0 by modern scoring. The kicker is the captain of that team never played again, but the two players from the stands went on to player sad  many more games. Some other interesting facts we learned what royalty has sat where in the presidents box and the cost of renting own of the suites, which for the premium services is 92,000 pounds a year with a two year mandatory contract.

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