A Tour at Heights (OP)

We have arrived at our last Hostel and second to last city! It is hard to believe that a week from now we will have our free day in London and be flying home the next day for those of us that return in the large group (so everyone but Grant and Allison). The trip is going crazy fast! I feel like yesterday we arrived in York. Confused about how the public transit works and where we were going. Now we are professionals at public transit and confident on knowing where we are going or at the very least to be able to read a map with extreme confidence.

Before leaving Chester for Cardiff we went for a tour of the cathedral. I was very excited when I was assigned to write the blog for today. I personally enjoy the cathedrals the most. They are all stunningly beautiful and impressive and Chester Cathedral did not disappoint. It was a very impressive place and had a lot of interesting architecture to look at! This cathedral was built over a very large time period so it contained both Romanesque and Gothic style. There was actually one small place where the cathedral masons used old Roman columns which are over 1500 years old. It was cool to be able to compare architecture from three different styles. That is not something you can experience anywhere!

We also had the amazing opportunity to get a guided tour through the walls of the cathedral and to the top of the cathedral’s trancept tower. It was cool to see all of the little secret passageways in the walls of the cathedral and actually see some of the vaulting of the ceiling from above the ceilings. We also got to see the entire inside of the church from the top of the walls. Finally we went the top of the tower, which gave an absolutely amazing view of the city! Supposedly you can see 5-7 different counties from the top of the tower. The experience to see the inner workings of the cathedral and its architecture was a once in a life time experience! As many of the things we have done on this trip are. Time for bed here though. Another busy day lays ahead tomorrow! 



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