Highway or a bike path? Official Post #1 -Nick

As you move towards the end of our trip, there are a few main things that have stuck with me while I have been traveling throughout the UK.  I think the biggest difference that has sort of caught me off guard is the size of everything here. Unfortunately, I’m not writing about this country being necessarily big. Being 6’5″ in a country seemingly built for people 5’10” maximum height, my stay has not been ideal. I have hit my head numerous times, woken up with cold feet, and have had sweaty palms driving down some questionable roads.

At at the very first castle and cathedral that we went to, a new trend was created. This trend was to take a picture of me trying to fit into the doorways of these low ceiling built places. Everyone may laugh and find it ironic, but it is a struggle for someone my height. Apart from trying to fit into these tiny buildings, I’ve had to sleep in beds that are a little on the shorter side as well. My head touches one end of the frame, and my feet hang off the other side of the bed. This isn’t all that uncommon, but having a blanket that isn’t even the size of the bed is new to me. If I don’t curl up into a ball, I would be able to pull the cover up to my shoulders while allowing them to cover up my feet as well. At first I thought that it was only the living arrangements in the UK that were small until we started taking buses on some of the roads outside of the cities. The roads are built for two way traffic, but are only capable of fitting one car going in one direction at a time. If a car is coming at you, you will have to pull over and let them pass or vice versa. There have been times where I thought we might get in an accident, but luckily the skilled drivers squeeze is by and continue along the narrow roads. My final complaint, that I also find most irritating, are the size of the showers. I’ve been fortunate enough to always have a shower that I’ve been able to fit in comfortable, but a lot of the showers here only allow for a limited amount of space making it quite difficult to clean myself. Apart from the confined space, the shower heads are also really low, causing me to duck and use up even more of the small shower space that I have. All in all, this is a beautiful country, but if you are over 6 feet tall, you might struggle a little bit to fit in, and it might take you a little bit to get used to the size of things over here.


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