First Impressions

Britain, Scotland, and Wales are all different countries situated on the same island. They are all also under control of the British government but add there own members into the parliament. They also all have their very own style and feel to them.
We first arrived in Manchester and it was just Emily and I for the first day as we travelled to York because flight delays had separated the rest of the group. Everyone we met was decently friendly but the first ticket worker that stamped our train passes, seemed to be having a bad day. The countryside that we rode through to get to York was amazing and was full of rolling hills and you could see for miles. Once we arrived in York we talked to a information lady that was very nice and helped us find our path to the York Hostel and so far I was able to understand everyone. However the accents would get stronger as we headed north towards Helmsley and Scotland, and the locals that we talked to warned us about this. Another important thing to remember is that everything is on the left. You will learn this quickly when you step off a street corner and look the wrong way at first and are honked at by a car that almost hits you.
In Scotland the accents are much thicker but the scenery is by far the best scenery that we have seen on the island so far. Most people you could understand by the second time they said it but some people you had to have them say it three or four times and you feel kind of dumb because your still not exactly sure what they said. The scenery was probably my favorite part of being in Scotland and I will definitely be returning to the Highlands of Scotland at some point in my life. Edinburgh is a good and bad city to visit and by that I mean you get some culture but it also seems the most Americanized and we were informed that a lot of ex-pats live in that city. This hides the accent that most people have and kind of ruins the experience of Scotland, however it is still a great city and I would recommend at least a weekend in the city.
Wales is by far the most interesting country on the island when it comes to language and hearing people talk. The Welsh have their very own distinct accent and language that immediately sets them apart from everyone else. They are also very proud of this as they will tell you and they still add words to there language to this day. There is no possible way for you to go to Wales and not hear Welsh because all of the locals use it when they speak to each other and if you use any form of transportation besides a car they announce everything in Welsh first. Wales is also home to some very amazing coastline and rolling hills.

Grant (OP1)


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