Freeze…everybody clap your hands! Molly’s OP 

Can we please just freeze time?! It’s crazy to think that in just a few days we will be heading back to the States! I have enjoyed this fun experience immensely and am just praying that these last few days go by slowly. 

Today we had a very busy day packed full of interesting and noteworthy historical sites. We got our own bus tour, which was really helpful and allowed us to see a lot of great sites. Emily and I are both blogging today so make sure you read her post as well to get the full picture of what we did. 


 Today we visited Stonehenge first and then traveled to Avebury Stone Circle. On the way to Avebury we passed several white horses, which are large horse figures carved into white chalk on the sides of the hills. These incredible images can be seen from quite a ways away and are most abundant in Wiltshire. I actually did an earlier post about the white horses of Wiltshire, so check it out of you are interested in some more pictures or would like to learn more about their history.    


The Avebury Stone Circles were built between 2850 BC to 2200 BC. It is a very large and expansive site that far exceeds the size of Stonehenge as it appears today. The stones are spread over about 2 acres, and are enclosed in one large circular ditch or “henge”. The stones are large and stand upright. There are stories behind several of the stones, including one that fell over and killed a man. The stone was so heavy that no one bothered to move the stone off the crushed man, so his skeleton wasn’t discovered until much later in time. Our group had a lot of fun hugging and sitting on the stones as you can tell be a few pictures from below.  



Next we visited Lacock Village and Lacock Abbey. Lacock Abbey was home to William Henry Fox Talbot, who took some of the first ever photographs. He took his first ever photograph in 1835 and continued taking photos all over the abbey and in Lacock. Talbot had really artistically talented relatives, so when he  was unable to produce quality drawings, he sought out a new method (photography) to capture the objects and scenes that spoke to him.  I am a communication arts major and dabble in photography, so hearing about how photography got its start was really interesting to me! 

The final place we visited on our Mad Max bus tour was a small village called Castle Combe. This was a really cool last stop on the tour and was a nice change of pace from all the larger cities we’ve been in lately. We got a tour of the church in Castle Comb and learned about the story behind the clock tower. The story says that there was once a man who wanted to basically buy his way into heaven, so he donated money to the church to buy a clock and four clock faces. When we got to the church, we were confused why there weren’t any clocks on the clock tower. We were told that the people of this village were not able to read and write well so having clock faces wouldn’t be helpful to them because no one could read them. Instead, the church just purchased the clock and bells rang to indicate what time it was. 



We definitely had a great day and saw a lot of incredible sites on our bus tour. Hope everything is great at home and we’ll see you soon!

Signing off, 



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