Houses of Conwy

On Tuesday the 12th of May we visited a few locations in Wales. The first location we visited was Bodnant Gardens, followed by Aberconwy House, Plas Mawr, Telford Suspension Bridge, and Conwy Castle. All but the first location was in Conwy and city in Wales.
The Bodnant Gardens may have been the nicest garden/park area that I have ever walked through in my life. The gardens were a very popular place and it was mainly full of older people, which just shows that they do know how to enjoy the simpler things in life. Not being able to use our cellphones over here forces us to actually pay more attention and it is a nice break from every day life. There was a beautiful garden on the top and it led down to a small creek and pond that had more natural wildlife next to it. The pond was also full of tadpoles and I was told to try and find a frog if I could, but I was unsuccessful in my attempts to spot one.
Aberconwy House was the oldest standing house in Conwy and had two different levels from two different time periods. What is now the basement because the street level has risen a little over time was the merchants shop and is now the shop for the site. The first floor is where the family would have originally lived. A later addition to the house added a second floor and it overhangs the original building. Overhanging the original building allows it to have a few extra square feet of living space. The third floor was also the location of the merchants cellar and he had it up there because it was the farthest spot in the house from the entrance and this was there form of security for there goods.
Plas Mawr was newer household and was definitely a larger household. The family that owned the house was most likely much wealthier than the owners of the Aberconwy House. Plas Mawr had amazing views of Conwy Castle and of the city of Conwy in general. I cannot really compare the interiors of the house because they are separated by a few centuries but I can say that life definitely improved between the two different houses. The owners at Plas Mawr were also more interested in impressing their guests than the merchant was at the Aberconwy House.
Thomas Telford, who is a very famous and popular engineer in the U.K, engineered Telford Suspension Bridge. The bridge has never been altered from when it was first put up except to clean some rust off of it to protect the metal. This bridge and many others of Telfords are still studied today because of how long they have lasted without repair.
Conwy Castle was one of the nicer castles that we have seen on this trip. It had towers that looked over the bay, the suspension bridge, and the town of Conwy. Many of the inside structures have long since disappeared but the walls and towers are still standing.

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