Fun in the Sun (or Rain)!

Official Post 3
Hello, readers!
As you may already know, our schedules here in Great Britain during the day is jam packed full with various historical sites to tour and explore as a group. What we do in between our planned activities is up to us to decide.
So what types of activities do we do in our spare time you may ask? Well, the first activity is pretty obvious–we scope out food! By time we get back from our travels of the day we are absolutely famished and need to find something to fuel us back up for the next busy day. Some of us may prefer to eat the traditional pub grub here like bangers and mash or toad in the hole. Maybe others are in the mood for more exotic foods, like Japanese or Indian cuisine. I, however, have found a new restaurant addiction. It is a place called Nando’s, specializing in Afro-Portuguese chicken dishes, and it is ahh-mazing! If not for a couple we met at the airport in Amsterdam, we would have never found out about this wonderful establishment. So thank you, young couple. I will have serious Nando’s withdrawals when we go back home.
After our bellies are full, we hit up the local shops. All of the cities that we have stayed in have had lots of cute little shops, especially on the ‘high streets’ or main streets. I enjoy doing that sort of thing back home on the main streets of Iowa, so I’m loving it over here! However, my wallet may think otherwise… Oh well! Money comes and goes but experiences are once in a lifetime! My only complaint about the stores here is that they all seem to close around 5 or 6, so we don’t get to spend as much time looking around in them as I would like.
If all else fails when finding cheap entertainment, there are always plenty of interesting street performers to watch! Some that we have seen have played various instruments, like the guitar, accordion, or bagpipes. Other performers have dressed up in costumes and done impressions, like a Stormtrooper or Michael Jackson. Others have attempted amazing and dangerous stunts, like one man who started fires (which, sadly, was not very impressive).
Whatever we may choose to do during our time here in Great Britain, let it be known that we are having the time of our lives! Don’t worry, we are not bored at all!
Well, that’s all I have for now. Have to get back to the fun!
Ta ta for now!
Emily S.


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