Queen Mary of Scots!

So just the day before going to the Edinburgh Castle we were sent on a scavenger hunt to find our way around the town. On the list was to find the castle, which was not hard to find by any means. It was the best view of a castle on this whole trip. It sets high up overlooking the whole city and with the sun shining bright that day it looked like it was from a fairytale book. As I walked through the amazing Edinburgh Castle of Scotland, I was astounded to see how big it truly was from the viewpoint inside the outer walls. Being from a small town in Iowa, I could picture my whole hometown inside the castle’s walls. As I walked through the halls I came across the story of Mary the Queen of Scots. I had heard of this queen’s story through a television series on Netflix called Reign. To my surprise the facts I learned from the series were true and followed the exhibits very well. Since she was a queen of this beautiful land, I feel like I should share a little bit of her story with everyone. Mary Queen of Scots was born in 1542 and was the queen at nine months of age. Mary was the cousin of Elizabeth I. Mary was a strict Catholic and her cousin Elizabeth I was a Protestant, which put them, pinned against one another. Mary’s James V of Scotland died when she was but one year old. She was given the tittle of Queen at this very young age and was sent to France for her own protection. She married the King of France named Francis II. Mary learned her strict Catholic ways from monks from the priory at Inchmahome in Scotland. Mary’s family members all became ill in a relatively short amount of time between one other. First, her father-in-law, King Henery II, was killed, her mother passed away back in Scotland, then her beloved husband, Francis, died. She was only sixteen when this all took place in the same year of 1560. The next year, in 1561 Mary returned to Scotland at the age of eighteen. At the age of twenty-two she ended up marrying her cousin Lord Darnley. This marriage was not a happy one in the slightest, but she managed to keep on with her royal responsibilities. She later gave birth to a son named James who later overthrew her from the throne. Mary ran to her cousin looking for safety, but what she found was herself a prisoner of her cousin because she apposed a threat to Elizabeth I. After a few years of being moved from manor houses to different castles where she lived the rest of her days. Her days became numbered due to the fact that Elizabeth I ordered to her to be executed. It was said that her execution was the last move Philip II needed to be able to launch the Spanish Armada. Her life was not always a fairytale like we picture a queens’s life should have been, but it was the price they paid for power.

-Heather’s free write (OP)


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