Bye bye UK – official post #4 nick

As our final days in the UK come to an end, I’ve realized that I have learned a lot about castles, cathedrals, and traveling in general. First of all, I learned that castles can be all shapes and sizes. Luckily for me, the castles that I gave my presentation on was huge, so I was able to enjoy it better than I would have if there were only ruins left in which I couldn’t distinguish what some of the rooms in the castle were. I learned that to be a cathedral, you had to have a cathedra, which is a seat for the bishop. Some of the cathedrals that we visited were only considered a cathedral for a decade or so, but we’re still able to retain the name of a cathedral. I think the biggest thing that I’m going to take away from this trip though is the idea of trains and buses for transportation. I’ve always relied on my car to get me from place to place, and I don’t live in a big enough city to depend on public transportation so touring around UK in everything but a car has been quite interesting to say the least. I feel like if I lived close to a train station to get me where I needed to go or had a bus station nearby that took me to my job or something then it would probably save me in the long run. It has also been easier to keep track of a train ticket then it is trying to keep track of my keys because I was always traveling with my backpack. This experience also shows me how dependent we are on technology back home. As a group, we have been living out of the bags that we brought with us, and have had little dependency on technology such as our phones to get us where we are going or anything like that. Without Facebook and Twitter and all these devices constantly ringing and buzzing, we were able to come together as a group and get to know each other, become friends, and create a bond between us all. We have been playing cards and making up fun things to do which requires us to interact with one another and to be active instead of us sitting and staring at a screen. This is why the trains were nice because even though we were traveling for hours, we still had no access to wifi so we were more or less forced to talk to one another or play games. As far as the history aspect of this class goes, I’ve learned a lot about the UK itself, and would be more than happy to recommend this trip to future students interested in a hands on, fun history course.


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