Do We Have To Leave?

Official Post 4

Well, our time here in Great Britain is coming to a close. I have had such a good time here learning about the history, and actually seeing and experiencing the historical sites for myself. This area is a history major’s paradise! It almost feels like this whole trip couldn’t have possibly happened. Was I really in Great Britain for a month? It still doesn’t seem real that I was actually in a part of the world that I have wanted to visit for so many years.

The main focus of this course was to explore the medieval history of Great Britain specifically through the castles and cathedrals that cover the landscape. I didn’t know much about cathedrals before this course besides the fact that they are old, large religious structures. It has been very interesting to see the Romanesque or Gothic styles architecture that the cathedrals were built in. Most of the cathedrals were set up similarly, usually in the shape of a cross. I was absolutely amazed by how detailed the cathedrals were, especially in the quires. The fact that the builders of these cathedrals had the skills and technology to build these detailed, magnificent structures is just amazing.

That also goes for the many castles that we toured. The castles were as equally magnificent as the cathedrals. It is so neat that we actually were in castles that royalty had once inhabited or used long ago. With the condition that some of the castles were in, it was hard to imagine that anyone would have lived there at one time. Other castles were so well preserved or rebuilt that it was almost like the kings or queens that had lived there would pop out to greet you at any moment. I also enjoyed seeing other homes that people other than royalty would have inhabited. It was nice to be able to experience different living situations.

Overall, I thought it was great to be able to experience the different cultures here in Great Britain and how they compare to the cultures back home. Being in England, Scotland, and Wales felt so natural to me. I have seen plenty of British television shows and pictures of the area to have had pretty good idea as to what it would look like over here, so I wasn’t really surprised by that. Certain cultural differences were a little difficult to adjust to at first, like the restaurant etiquette at certain places or that stores close earlier here. Now that we have been here a month and I have gotten used to the differences in culture, it may be difficult for me to readjust when I get back home! Hopefully I don’t try driving on the wrong side of the road…

Anyways, I have had the time of my life here. I am so thankful that I was able to take this course with such a great group of people. I’m sad to be leaving, but I am excited to get home and see my family and pets! I will be back to Great Britain one day. That’s a promise!

Emily S.


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