Family Dinner! (OP)

Well, it is all coming to an end. Today was our last academic day here in the UK, which happened to be the day of my tour at Wells Cathedral. We got to sleep in for the first time all trip and did not have to leave the hostel until 9:45 this morning! We then caught the bus to Wells to go see the cathedral. It was an amazing sight, as all the cathedrals have been! The coolest thing about Wells and the cathedral is where the name came from. Between the cathedral and the Bishop’s Palace there is a small little pond that is actually a well. There is a constant flow of fresh water welling up from the ground at that location, hence the name Wells.

We arrived back here in Bath right around 5 o’clock. Everyone went back to the hostel and got all of their culture point, journals, and blogs organized and ready to turn in before we took off for our last meal as a class. The meal was absolutely amazing, but was very bitter sweet as we all passed around our journals to be signed by everyone and write little messages almost like a year book. After a month with the same fourteen people you almost turn into your own little family, and this was our families last dinner together.

It is amazing how at the beginning of the trip there was all of these little groups and everyone had the one person they sat by or talked to, and now we are just one big group. When we sit down on the bus or at the dinner table we don’t care who is next to us. When we go out for the night we go as one fun and very large group.

Beyond making all of these new friends during this trip I have learned a lot about both the culture of the UK and the architecture of medieval structures. The three most interesting things about the UK definitely has to be the roads, plumbing, and WiFi. The roads are all like ten feet wide and I honestly don’t think they believe in straight roads here! I have no idea how they don’t have accidents all the time. I know if the roads were like that in the States we would have trouble for sure. The plumbing is just very, very inconsistent. The water will go from ice to boiling and then right back to ice without ever moving the temperature control on the shower, and on top of that it will go from power washer pressure to not much more than a drizzle. Lastly, the WiFi is very slow and not always free, and if it is free you have to fill out a million questions before they let you on. In the States we are just use to WiFi everywhere and having cell phone data everywhere as well. There is a lot of things I take for granted every single day, and that is more clear than ever. This is a first world country and we still have a lot of things that they don’t.

This trip has been the once in a lifetime experience that I signed up for, and I would not trade it for the world. I have got to meet some of the most amazing people at Wartburg that if not for this trip I may have never met, and I got to see just how spoiled I really am back in the States. This has been an amazing month. Time to go celebrate with the little family I have made of the last month before it is all over. See you all in two short days. Cheers!



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