Home away from home (op 4)

At the beginning of our trip, I never would have thought that by the end I would feel and view this country the way that I do now. While it’s sensible to think a country that we basically originated from would be similar to our culture, there still was this idea that they would be very different, almost not like another first world country. Fortunately that has not been the case, and while some phrasing and word usage is different much of the cultural differences we were able to get over within the first week or two. In fact many of these cities we have visited have seemed like a place I would enjoy living and working in for a few years, a chance to really experience  life outside the United States. As I’ve talked to some of the laws and taxing practices are out of the ordinary to me and almost silly but there are still so many cultural similarities that you can still find a little bit of home if you need. Tomorrow we get our free day, and for most of us that means going to London. While I will take in most of the natural tourist sites( Big Ben, London bridge, buckingham palace, etc..) the most exciting part of my day will be touring chelsea fc stadium Stamford bridge. As a massive fan of this club it will be experience I never forget. Over the trip I’ve had quite a few of these moments, whether it was on Loch Ness looking the Nessie , having a tutored tasting of scotch whisky after seeing the worlds largest collection of scotch whisky , or visiting one of the seven wonders here in England Stonehenge. This has been a trip of a lifetime with a lifetime of different experiences. It had also given me the drive to add things to my bucket list as I have already been able to cross some of them off. The amount of history we have taken in, in in one month is amazing and I can’t wait to learn more over the rest of my life as I drive to explore more of the United Kingdom, Europe, and of the rest of the seven great wonders of the world.

For the last time on this great journey,



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