Like death and taxes, an end to this journey is inevitable (Official Post 4)

I purposefully made the title to this post long and drab because I just don’t want this trip to come to an end (well kinda). Over the past 25 days I have had the pleasure to travel across the isle of Great Britain and explore the diverse cultures and histories of England, Scotland, and Wales, and, as a history major, it has been AMAZING. I mean going and seeing the fields of Culloden and the castles of North Wales and… I ought to stop myself, I absolutely love history and opportunities to explore its murky depths and if I get started talking about that sort of stuff I will never stop. I suppose this is a good spot to point out that I have been to England before (albeit I was far younger), but this time around has been far more enriching, not just in regards to history (which I could rant on and on about…), but also in respect to the cultures present on this diverse island and the subtleties that define them. Being immerged in British society from the get-go forced us to adapt and discover new methods of “surviving” this new environment: lack of cell phones, difficulties with internet connections, and cultural divides. This gave our merry band of travelers a sense of unity and a reason to explore. I am sorry to say that this trip has to come to an end but I am glad that it happened. To those who will take this course in the future, or just to those who travel, cheers, and good luck.

This is Tyler signing off


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