Peace Out UK, It’s Been Real (OP #4)

Before I left for this class I received some great advice from friends and family. Have a safe trip, take lots of pictures, look at the world through more than a camera lens, and take it in because it will be a trip of a lifetime. I took that last bit to heart because that is exactly what it has been. I was a little skeptical of the class to start because History was always fun but I just always had a knack for the sciences. Because of this I didn’t take many history courses. It had been a while since my last history course and it just proved to me how much I missed it.

Over this class I learned that history is the study of change and it is also sometimes “his story” taken from the interpretations of the person who told the story. However architecture and the study of medieval structures is something that has a little less grey area then other types of fields of history. The castles, cathedrals, and other historical structures we have looked at over this courses we absolutely amazing, not only to something who has studied them for a semester, but to everyone that has the chance to see them. The castles and cathedrals especially give a testament to the will of humans to be able to build these monstrous buildings. The historical richness of these countries will not be something I will soon forget.

Aside from the historical significance, each of the three countries I saw (England, Scotland, and Wales) had unique qualities to make the UK a beautiful place. I was able to see many similarities and differences between each country and with the United States. This taught me that even though I was 4,000 miles from home I was still able to find home in the little things like the large green fields, the delicious food, and the warm and welcoming people. I was living in a country not of my won but often felt like less of a foreigner than just a traveler learning to respect other cultures. I was able to accomplish many personal things off of my bucket list with my favorites being Stonehenge, Lock Ness, and Salisbury Cathedral (after doing my project on it).

Checking these things off just proved that the goals that I set can be met with determination and finding a course during May Term that goes to the UK. I have honestly learned so much and will miss this class a bunch. The memories which I made are going to last forever because this trip was truly a trip of a lifetime.




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